All ctrl support materials have been wholly funded and developed by LEO Pharma.

Founded in 1908, our priority at LEO Pharma is helping people achieve healthy skin. We develop treatments and devise solutions to help patients all around the world, with the goal of improving the quality of life for people living with skin conditions.

We know that there is more to a skin condition than just the disease itself. We also believe that there is more to medical care than doctors, appointments and treatments. That’s why we actively listen to patients like yourself in order to understand the emotional and psychological challenges of living with a skin condition. Combining that understanding with our medical expertise and scientific knowledge, we have been able to develop ctrl; a programme designed to provide personalised information, advice and support throughout all stages of your treatment journey. The aim of our initiative is to empower people like you to address their concerns, feel supported and take back control of their skin.

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Date of preparation: February 2019


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